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What is the inspiration behind it? 

There was a common denominator with years of working in education & mental health within different settings and age groups. Children & adolescents are not getting their academic and personal needs supported at their most crucial time of needing guidance and support. Children and adolescents are so misunderstood, and it was evident in all their parts of self and life. 


Due to that, there are heavy consequences to their mental health, the lack of awareness and rapport within schools and families detriments their schooling and personal journey. Children & adolescents who struggle with remedial, special needs, mental health, and so forth are not receiving efficient techniques and support for their challenges.


Breaking The Chalk was then created to break how we have provided education and supported our youths' academic and mental health needs and struggles. 

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Our International Work

Breaking The Chalk works with various international organisations to internationally spread mental health awareness and collaborate with education and mental health professionals. With clients from all over, we continuously enhance our work and passion.

Working internationally is to increase the spread of our work and make as much difference as possible. 

Breaking The Chalk ensures our education and mental health passions are emphasised with our collaborations and services. Hence, we strive to collaborate globally.

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What is the aim? 

Breaking The Chalk specialises in the education and mental health sectors. We are passionate about sharing the urgent shift that needs to happen in the education system and bringing the schooling concept into the now - appropriately to the 21st-century and today's youth—advancing the education system just like the rest of the world's advancements. 

The rise in youth mental health struggles and the devastations that come with it brings Breaking The Chalk's aim to spread awareness and advocacy for the stigma and misunderstandings of youth mental health. Breaking the way we provide, support, and acknowledge youth mental health. 

The aim is to continuously change the game to break how education and mental health within the youth are being provided. 

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Our Future Commitments

Breaking The Chalk's mission is to continuously advance the schooling system and education delivery in the 21st century. Our other mission is to progress the knowledge and work with youth mental health understanding and support. 

Our future endeavours include developing more progressive education initiatives and developments. As well as sharing the importance of this change worldwide.

Our mental health endeavours are to continue collaborating with organisations and initiatives in mental health advocacy
. We are working towards the successful spread of mental health awareness at schools and continuously advocating for breaking the stigma and misunderstandings with youth mental health. 

Our long term goal is to continue our work onto the path of creating a Breaking The Chalk space for kids & adolescents who struggle with their mental health and, in turn, their education. 



Education has always been an interest, and I knew it was something I was meant to do. As I continued with school, I got more frustrated with how I was learning and being taught, and I never felt seen by my school, especially when I fell ill; there was no support.

My schooling and mental health experience motivated me even more into the education and mental health fields. I made it my duty to make each child & adolescent feel heard and cared for, both academically and personally.

I started studying all forms of education, from blended learning to special educational needs and therapeutic child counselling.


My first step into my career was co-founding an education centre for learners with different learning and personal needs; remedial, special needs, physical and mental health challenges, and learners who did not conform to traditional schoolings - like me.


I strongly believe in personalised and progressive learning, and that's what has led me into my work involving innovative and alternative education.


Lyr Weltsman

I have taught and consulted across all ages and settings. I emphasise that the learning and learning space is theirs. Whether with Breaking The Chalk's clients or my work in traditional schooling, my teaching and consulting ensure that their needs, academically and personally, are my priority. 

My consulting work started right at the beginning of my career, specifically with remedial, special educational needs, and emotional and mental health challenges. By working in traditional schools, I noticed a significant lack of communication and follow-through and the consequences. This strengthened my inspiration for Breaking The Chalk's ethos. 

My many years in mental health awareness and advocacy inspired me to study child counselling and other therapy forms to work with children who struggle with their mental health and be a part of their healing journey. 

By studying ADHD and my years in the education and mental health field, I was frustrated, which inspired me to open Breaking The Chalk—opening up a business that prides itself on personalised and nurturing services. Genuinely believing in what I do and actually pursuing it gives me light, and with that shared, I have seen inspiring results. 

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Grade 7 Learners

Ms Lyr teaches in a fun manner; interactive, and informal, which let us feel free that we could learn in our own way and not consistently be worried and stressed during lessons. Even though the lessons were more relaxed, we always got the work done, and we easily understood and remembered.

Ms Lyr was always welcoming, with a smile and hug. Her learners and learners not in her class always felt comfortable to ask for help and speak to her. We always looked forward to the lessons and would sing for her when she walked in. 

Ms Lyr made learning enjoyable. 

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Consulting Client

Lyr (Breaking The Chalk) is so, so much more for my daughter. She is my daughter's teacher, mentor, consultant, and friend. She is someone my daughter looks up to and looks forward to being with, someone who can engage my child, who cares so much about my child and will go out of her way to do what she needs to be done, to ensure confidence, self-esteem, and all-round well being. 

Lyr will feedback to me any concerns or suggestions she feels will benefit my daughter, prioritising my daughter's happiness and wellbeing. 


A happy child is a motivated child. I highly, highly recommend Breaking The Chalk.

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Client School Speech

 "I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the help and all the effort you have put in to get me to this point. You have been a pillar of support and a tower of knowledge for me. Your commitment has changed my learning for the better. Your approach inspires me. Your guidance and support have been immeasurable; you have been there for me every step of the way. You have taught me that goals without plans are merely dreams. I am entirely grateful and wholeheartedly appreciate all that you have done. Thank you for your patience and insights you have given me and thank you for being available at all hours. You are my mentor, my role model, and you are my friend. Thank you”. 

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Counselling Client

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Lyr Weltstman as child counsellor.

Lyr is a dedicated counsellor, who uses all the communication tools at her fingertips for the correct support. She not only takes care of the process of the child patient, she is a great ally with the parents to achieve an improvement of the patient all together. She becomes part of a family team, for the good of the child in therapy. Her forms are appropriate for the level of intimacy that is shared.

Lyr has a remarkable affection for children, patience, and dedication that children themselves can quickly recognize, and therefore trust between them is built quickly.

During these 7 months I have managed to see positive progress after the implementation of the techniques that Lyr has put in place. Any child therapy carries a series of additional difficulties, which Lyr explains to parents in a way that the process carries its own rhythm and identity.


This is the point that I want to highlight more in my recommendation of Lyr as a counsellor, her long- term vision of the process and the gradual implementation during the patient's transformation journey, is in my opinion, the success of her intervention.

For all these reasons, I sincerely recommend Lyr Welstman as a child counsellor and hope that all who need her help will find the same comfort as my family during our children's dark times.