Our products & projects showcase our passion for education and mental health. These projects & products advocate further and support our purpose to break the way we provide education & support our youth's mental health. 

The products & projects are for teachers, schools, parents, professionals, clinics, children, and adolescents.

Breaking The Chalk's international education and mental health projects will be linked. 



Youth, Mental Health, Education = Our Future

Promoting youth mental health care in education.

We aim to educate teachers/schools, parents, children, and adolescents about the importance of mental health and mental health support because mental health is for ALL.

Our initiative's mission is spread through youth, parent, school, and teacher workshops and training, as well as creating mental health curriculums for schools.

In collaboration with, Steve Lawlor -



Self-Harm Preventative Kit

I Choose Life preventative self-harm kit includes objects and techniques that support the distraction when one gets the urge to self-harm. 

Each tool has been supported by research and professionals. 

Once a self-harm urge begins, one uses the kit's tools to overcome the urge positively and not self-harm. 

It is there to let you; Choose Life. 

I Choose Life is in the production stage. 




This ebook is aimed at teachers, schools, and homeschool parents to break into influential teaching. This first ebook series includes: 


  • What is education innovation?

  • Adding creativity to learning 

  • Initiating engaging learning 

  • Making learning interactive 

  • Brining in real-life skills to learning


This ebook was created to spread knowledge and awareness on the importance of influential learning for the kids & adolescents of today. ​

Research, personal experience, techniques, detailed examples, the benefits, and the how-to. 

Breaking Into Influential Learning is in the final stages.