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Benefits of child/adolescent therapeutic counselling:

When a child or teen experience distress, overwhelm, trauma, a mental health gel, etc, and are most often confused by what they feeling, thinking, and experiencing inside, and in turn, external behaviours occur; outbursts, tantrums, anger, defiance, isolation, and may take part in harmful outlets (drugs, self-harm, alcohol. Etc).

Adolescents in specific feel misunderstood. It is a time of change, finding themselves, hormones, school and peer pressure. Children and teens, struggle to articulate what they are going through and perhaps, hide and internalise their struggle.

Therapeutic counselling is an opportunity for your child/adolescent to have a safe and private space to express their struggles, with someone objective. They can better understand, find coping mechanisms, release, and parents can be a part in the process for closeness and understanding.

Therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like you go to the GP for a sore throat to know what’s wrong and get help, you go to your therapist to do the same - for your mind and soul. Your brain is the most significant part of your health, so what’s the difference?

BreakingTheChalk provide tele therapy (online) therapy sessions, to provide a comforting space for your child/adolescent to support in client-focused therapy.

- BreakingTheChalk

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