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WHY school results don’t conclude your future!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

WHY school results don’t conclude your future! How many times have you remembered a maths formula, an ‘important’ date in history, a ‘significant’ person’s name or a biological term a minute after they have told you to put your pens down in an exam? Richard Branson’s net worth is $4, 8 billion in 2015 and guess how many times he remembered the dates, names or terms? None – as Richard Branson – one of the world’s most successful and powerful people is not even an ‘educated’ man. Another example is Bill Gates, the genius we mostly all rely on – started Microsoft and dropped out of Harvard University and yet still his net worth is over $54 billion. Let me tell you what society will tell you, school and a university degree will increase your chances of getting a job, security and opportunities to be successful and the future will be a lot less stressful. If education is the key, I believe that schools and universities are often the lock and chain and that something needs to change. More statistics show how many intelligent people really struggled at school, most told that they would never amount to anything. How is it then, that most of these people are now some of the world’s leaders, game-changers and innovators? How is it that these people have come so much further than those teachers ever would? If education and hard work were to be related they would undoubtedly be siblings – schools, universities, colleges and educational institutions would be their long lost cousin. Related, but not a determiner to what you can become and what your abilities are. I firmly believe that the most important lessons in life start in your childhood and stem from being able to play and have an imagination – homework, projects, unnecessary tests and exams allow for no play, engagement, and no freedom, but rather stresses and anxiety that a child shouldn’t even need to know of. Let’s teach children to inspire themselves, to help others and to love – after all these are the most important lessons a teacher should teach. I think that children can believe in themselves and go so much further in life if they are taught to think outside of the box and not just to tick the box with the most suitable answer. The world could only be a better place and our children can be so much more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

The point is, I'm passionate about education but I disapprove of the other elements that get in the way of our education.

Written by: Lyr Weltsman


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