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Why I created Breaking The Chalk.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I have been in the education and mental health scene for a few years now and I find myself continuously asking questions about how things are done.

Through the years, I have experienced the lack of communication, follow-through, and understanding between schools, parents, and children. I have dealt with the lack of recognition for mental health in all areas. My fight for 21st century teaching is often thrown at my face but I stand for change in how we work, support, and help our youth and I won’t stop because I have seen the inspiring impacts of it.

Education and mental health are my greatest passions and I have always wanted to mesh them together, which is why I created ‘Breaking The Chalk’, making a change in the way we work with our children and learners and advocating for mental health awareness through workshops and talks.

‘Breaking The Chalk’ is about breaking the way we do things by creating new chalk! Consulting, teaching, counselling, and advocating for and with our youth.

  • Lyr Weltsman

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