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TANTRUMS - Ahhh - Here are some TIPS 😉

There are two main types of tantrums: Something is wrong & I want something, both are HELP! Children haven’t learn how to articulate their feelings and needs, so they express it through tantrums.

An opportunity for learning:

1. Bend down to eye level (so you don’t seem intimidating)

2. Calm voice (even if you want to scream 😵‍💫)

3. Don’t ask them questions, midst tantrum - they not listening

4. During - give them words of affirmation (I’m here, breathe, hold me, count)

5. Once settled- eye level, what do you need?, how can I help? Let’s do this together (Let them tell you with asking specific questions)

One beauty of tantrums (I know right???) 🤭 - you can teach = self & emotional regulation, calming techniques, how to say/expression, connection.

Sometimes, when it’s, ‘I want something’ either give the child to settle alone and say, “I’m here”, it can be a hidden sign that something is wrong!

❌ Don’t treat with a present “If you stop, I will buy you …..). This teaches, I cry = present. Who wouldn’t do that??? (I would). 😶

Life lesson, it’s unhelpful to show that this behaviour = something nice. Not allowing for helpful talk, expression, and behaviour understanding.

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