Progressive Education 

​Breaking The Chalk is passionate about education, not just any type of education but; progressive, innovative and self-directed learning. We are taking traditional schooling and transforming it into the now. 

We believe that the whole world has advanced in all areas, except for how we provide education and schooling systems. Hence, we aim to shake up that up.

Our progressive education services are provided through online teaching and learning support, including our specialisation in remedial,

special educational needs, & SEMH.  

Breaking The Chalk provides spaces that allow for expression and exploring learning through various creative and free channels, with the child's interests and individuality at play. 


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Our lessons are provided online. 

Our learning support and guidance accommodates worldwide curriculums for all ages. 

We provide personalised and self-directed learning, their interests, finding how they learn best, and supporting their needs. Our speciality is innovation and including 21st-century life skills, including social and emotional wellbeing. 

Our passion is to share our specialisations and educational methods with everyone, with inclusivity. 

Remedial and special needs are supported with nurturing learning and care. 

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Our educational consulting ensures the child & adolescent receives effective and efficient schooling whilst concurrently supporting their challenges with care and step by step personalisation. 

We work within all their life and learning contexts and with all individuals required for the process (therapists, school, parents, and specifically the child/adolescent).

This educational consulting includes the Edu Health Care Plan. We advise this consulting for kids & teens who find traditional schooling challenging and have behavioural, social, emotional, mental health, and learning challenges.   

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For many children & adolescents, school demands and conformality are real struggles; they don't fit into the mould. They have difficulties that impact their schooling career, behaviorally, socially, emotionally, mental health, and learning. 

We believe that schools should accommodate all learners equally. Therefore, our nurturing

learning support plays a role to create a space for those who find the traditional classrooms challenging. 

Progressive Education

Educational Consulting

Learning Support


We all want to see our children soar, both academically and personally. To see them be their happiest, most confident selves and reaching their full potential. 
Through our passionate work for 21st-century progressive learning, they sore.
Each fee is personalised to the client.

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