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We are a team of specialists providing support for trauma, bullying, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family challenges, ADHD & other life challenges.  Empowering you with coping mechanisms, mental health, self-esteem & life skills for healthy development.

Parents are communicated with in the counseling journey for a holistic and practical approach. 

Confidentiality is always maintained and respected.

counseling for kids, teens, and parents.

Our Therapy Models


Your unique therapeutic process is placed at the center as we believe in personalized support and meeting your individual needs.


As we aim to equip and empower you on your journey, we’re there to guide you, believe in your ability, and empower you to take charge. 

 talk and client-centered psychotherapy . UK


Your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and behaviors are interconnected. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps you deal with difficulties by using a positive and proactive approach.


This therapy can assist you in providing practical techniques and thought management skills to use on a daily basis to manage your

online CBT therapist

Art & Play Therapy

Sometimes expressing yourself verbally feels impossible. This is where expressive therapy steps in and uses art for your emotional and thought expression.


This therapy can help treat any trauma you may have experienced with a better understanding & requires no prior creative or artistic skill sets.

child play and art therapist UK
telehealth provider


By breaking out of the norm and reshaping the future of youth mental health support our virtual sessions ​provide digital mental health care that is convenient, approachable, in your comfort, and accessible wherever you are in the world.



Price per 60 min counseling session & any communication and support outside of session time: 


*Fees are subjective according to the appropriate rate for therapy services per location.


Please feel free to further enquire about pricing, through our WhatsApp or email address. 

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