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Welcome to BreakingTheChalk

online child therapist

I've been there...

BreakingTheChalk is what I needed when I was going through difficult mental health challenges as a teen. It's the support I wish my parents had too.

I founded BreakingTheChalk due to my mental health experience and therapy journey. It inspired my dedication to provide the mental health care of knowledge, techniques, and understanding. Providing a resonating and supportive space. A truly caring approach. 

The beauty of online therapy is that you can get a hot drink, sit on your bed, and have your therapy from wherever you are and whenever you need.

My mission is breaking away from how our youth and families are supported and understood and to rebuild mental health approaches; effectively.

About Us

Lyr has been a therapist for the past eight years; working specifically with children, adolescents, and families - worldwide. 

Lyr studied counseling, child psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the UK and holds a Masters in clinical psychology and child and adolescent psychopathology. 

Lyr is registered as a counselor in the UK and as an international private practice company - through ACCPH. 

BreakingTheChalk is involved with international mental health organizations and research to find the best mental health care for the youth. , Lyr speaks at summits and governmental conferences to raise mental health awareness. 

We are proud of our personalized and proactive approach - making each therapeutic process tailor-made for our patient's needs. We are available outside of session times for support and help; making BreakingTheChalk stand out from other mental health care providers. 


Our Media Features

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online therapist providing counselling

Talking about BreakingTheChalk, our founder's journey, and mental health awareness.


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