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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please see below for any questions you may have. Alternatively, send us an email or WhatsApp. 

  • What equipment do I need?
    You will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer that has a webcam. Headphones are optional, but useful for privacy reasons. Make sure your device is charged.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Your device, a drink, headphones if you wish, pen and paper, and bring whatever was asked to bring from your therapist prior to session. Of course whatever you would like to show or have something that brings you comfort.
  • What do I do during Teletherapy?
    Your virtual sessions are run just like in-person therapy. You’ll have uninterrupted time to share and heal, with the same amount of support and attention from your therapist.
  • Do you need any special software?
    You will need to download the Google Meets app if you are using your smartphone.
  • I am worried about privacy...
    During our teletherapy sessions, I will continue to monitor for privacy on my end. Find a quiet place where you can feel free to say what’s on your mind. If there is no such opportunity in your home, consider sitting outside, with headphones, or in your car.
  • What if I can’t hear you or you can’t hear me?
    Check your volume and microphone settings on your computer or end the call and log back on (works a charm ;)
  • What if the network keeps getting stuck?
    Turn your wifi on and off on your computer or modem or end the call and log back on (works a charm ;)
  • What do I need to tell me during the first session?
    I will guide you throughout the first session, there is nothing specific you need to ask or tell me. I always recommend you think about some things you may want clarification on or something you want to get off your chest or wonder about or ask about me - it’s always welcomed!
  • What if I have questions before the first or before any therapy session?
    Just email away! I am always available to support you and answer any of your questions or concers and I will reply asap :)
  • What is the cost?
    Please refer to our fees and booking page. Therapy fees are subject to the appropriate therapy price per your location
  • What is your availability?
    Please refer to our bookings page to check availability for your initial session or feel free to email us!
  • How do children manage virtual therapy?
    Our virtual therapy services are interactive; including play and art therapy. Children and teens have found online therapy to be less intimidating, in their safe and comfortable space, with ease and convenience.
  • What age groups do you work with?
    We work from ages 5 to 27 years.
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