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Why do you only provide services virtually? 

Providing online counselling and academic consulting allows families worldwide to work with BreakingTheChalk. It also enables flexibility, no travel, comfort in your own home, less intimidating, and convenience. 


Does my child need to be registered with a homeschool curriculum?

Yes. Your child needs to be registered with any homeschool curriculum. I plan personalised, innovative support lessons following the curriculum. I also continuously communicate with parents and the homeschool provider. 


Can I choose my parental workshop topics? 

Yes, as per all our services. Our parental workshops are also tailor-made. You decide on the topics based on your needs and we provide one on one parental workshops. We also provide you with an e-book with practical steps from the workshop, as well as a free 20 minute follow up session.


How do you include parents into therapy? 

Confidentiality with the client is always maintained unless harm is a factor. Parents are included when there is a need for family teamwork and rapport and in the need for family sessions; for the benefit of the client. 


Do you help kids with special educational needs?

Yes. My work includes providing therapy and education to special educational needs, remedial, mental health challenges, and physical challenges. My work is also for kids and teens who do not have these struggles. The value in my work is personalisation and concentrating on the whole child. 


What are your service fees? 

As each client is provided with a personalised and tailor-made service, we offer a specific package fee based on the service needs. 
An average cost is: 
$35 per counselling session
$25 per educational session


How do you provide interest-based lessons? 

Personalised interest-based lessons focus on the individual child and teen's interests, passions, and needs. The lessons include technology, art, engineering, research, projects based on their interests and passions. These lessons are child-directed and mental health-centric, caring for their personal needs. These can be one on one or in groups.