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Parenting is tough, and sometimes we need a supportive hand. You will gain insight, tools, and a safe space.

Family at home

Empowering the whole

family with tools to thrive. 


We know how hard it can be when your child or teen is struggling with their mental health and the parenting journey. Helping them is your priority but you might not have the tools to do so and can feel left in the dark or alone. 

We have helped hundreds of children and their families to get their life back.

We work together as a team to map out the practical steps you can take as a whole to assist yourself, child or teen through the journey. 

Our Consulting Models

Parental Consulting

Through consultation sessions and continuous communication outside of sessions, you will gain tools, support, and guidance for any family, child, and parental challenges. 

The aim is for you to feel empowered, supported, and understood in order to navigate the hurdles and see positive change. 

Couple Working Together

Family Therapy

Our holistic approach ensures highly effective communication, transparency and healing

for the family.

You will have an interactive, proactive, and safe space to work as a family through any challenges. 

 We work as a team to manage your family's harmony and wellbeing, focusing on everyones individual needs.

Family with Tablet
Beaded Necklace

Parental & Family wellbeing is our priority

You are trying your best and still don't feel like you're doing good enough? 

Your teen tells you to leave them alone, you are struggling to regulate your child, feel at a loss as to what to do; you're struggling to enforce effective boundaries, you're receiving defiance, & you are just feeling defeated! 


I understand. This is a non-judgmental space to help you feel empowered & supported with proactive guidance and continuous communication. 

Your family will also have a space to communicate, express, de-stress, find balance, and connect. Letting everyone feel heard and know the next steps. 

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