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Empowering the whole

family with tools to thrive. 


We know how hard it can be when your child or teen is struggling with their mental health and schooling. Helping them is your priority but you might not have the tools to do so and can feel left in the dark. 

We have helped hundreds of children and their families to get their life back.

We work together as a team to create a Care Plan that maps out the practical steps the family can take as a whole to assist the child or teen in this critical time.

parental consultant

Our holistic approach ensures highly effective communication, transparency and healing for the child & family



Breaking The Chalk



Edu Health Care Plan

The purpose of an Edu Health Care Plan is to ensure that the child/adolescent's needs are supported effectively and efficiently, through communication and rapport between the school, family, child/adolescent, and BreakingTheChalk, within all life sectors. 

As we believe each child/adolescent is an individual, the Edu Health Care Plans are personalized and detailed. 

The Plans incorporate their social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic challenges by concentrating on techniques and interventions. 

The Edu Health Care Plan is continuously mediated and adjusted with check-ins to get maximum benefit. social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic.


Price per 60 min counseling session & any communication and support outside of session time: 


*Fees are subjective according to the appropriate rate for therapy services per location.

  Please feel free to further enquire about pricing, through our WhatsApp or email address. 

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