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Digital mental health support for kids, teens & families, everywhere. 

BreakingTheChalk provides consulting and counseling from the comfort of your home. We are here to create a safe space & make mental health accessible and convenient.

Our services

child and teen counselling

Therapy for Kids & Teens

We create a safe space for kids who struggle with their mental health. Our counseling focuses on anxiety, trauma, bullying, depression, eating disorders & more.

parental consulting

Consulting for Parents

Helping your child is a holistic process. We work with parents, families, and the schooling framework to create fully-integrated support. 

- Mom of 14-year-old girl with anxiety
"I saw natural joy in my child for the first time in a long while"
online child therapist

I've been there...

BreakingTheChalk is what I needed when I was going through difficult mental health issues. It's the support I wish my parents had too.

While education has always been an interest, my mental health experience and schooling inspired me to make the needed change in the education and mental health disciplines. I took my struggles and experience and channelled them into my work. 

I advocate for youth mental health worldwide, and with BreakingTheChalk, with the mission to enhance knowledge and make the change. 

I aim to break away from how our youth and families are supported and understood and to rebuild the schooling and mental health approaches effectively.

Evidence-based treatment built to integrate with everyday life

We use the most effective evidence-based care for young people – holistic and innovative methods that empower kids, teens, and families to overcome mental health challenges. 

Our virtual care allows supportive accessibility and comfort to heal and be invested in your therapeutic journey.
*Virtual only

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Our promise

Break Through 

the traditional boundaries of mental health support through our holistic approach


conventional therapeutic and educational processes through innovative modalities


kids, teens, and parents with the right tools in an increasingly digitized global community

Our Mental Health Advocacy in the Press

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South African publication with 8 million readers per month


Award winning Canadian Documentary about youth mental health

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Mental Health public policy advocacy for the South African Government

Mental health summit with international mental health experts.

Our Recognition

breakingthechalk - best digital mental health company
online mental health support
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