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Empowering Every Aspect of a Child, Teen, & Parent's Mental Health & Education. 

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My schooling career was a challenging time. I asked many "why" questions and the purpose of the system. I then began to severely struggle with my mental health at the beginning of high school. With zero support from my school, my only option was to leave. Again the " why" questions started. How does my school not care? And the sparked thought - that; "No way will another child and teen struggle as much as me". That is where my immediate passion for change in education, mental health, and youth started. 

My passion and commitment are to support all kids and teens for those who have physical challenges, special educational needs, learning difficulties, those who challenge the system, and mental health struggles. We do this by providing a more prominent and supportive space. 
The striking common denominator of my "why" and "how" questions followed me with years of working in education & mental health. By highlighting that children & teens are not getting their academic and personal needs supported at their most crucial time of guidance and development. 
The heavy consequences of our education system not progressing and being '21st century friendly' and the lack of awareness, innovation, and rapport within schools and families detriments their schooling and personal journey. It has devastating effects on their mental health and lack of interest and belief in their capabilities. 

Breaking The Chalk's story started from my eye-opening experiences and the realization of the injustice we are giving our youth. Our story is all about empowering the child and teen's individuality and potential by listening to them and guiding their needs. Breaking The Chalk is all about children and teens being provided and engaged in mental health-centric progressive education, therapeutic counseling, and allowing an understanding between children/teens, educators, professionals, and parents. 

Our vision is to be game-changers in the urgent shift that needs to happen in the education system by bringing the schooling concept into the now - appropriately to today's youth. We do this by breaking the stigma and misunderstandings of youth mental health by spreading awareness to provide knowledge to kids, teens, educators, and parents for better mental health and empowerment. 
The value of Breaking The Chalk is the resonation and empathy with our kids and teens, as it comes from my personal experience and commitment to not having anyone go through the same as I did. Our value is the detailed personalisation and tailor-made educational consulting & counseling for the child, teen, and family. We work holistically and within all their life sectors. 
The aim is to continuously change the game to break how education and mental health within the youth are being provided. 

Learners - Year 7 

"Lyr's lessons provided us with the freedom to learn in our way, with interaction and informality, which allowed us not to be so anxious.

Through these lessons, we easily understood and remembered. These methods and skills help us to this day and have raised our marks by 30%.

Lyr's welcoming and nurturing nature provided us space, to always share and ask for help". 


Martine - Consulting Client

"Lyr is so, so much more for my daughter. She is my daughter's teacher, mentor, consultant, and friend. She is someone who can engage my child, who cares so much about my child and will go out of her way to do what she needs to be done to ensure confidence, self-esteem, and all-around well being. 

Within the first year that my daughter has been working with Lyr, her mental state has gotten better, she looks forward to learning, and her self-esteem has improved. ​

Lyr will give feedback to me on any concerns or suggestions she feels will benefit my daughter. This really assisted me in better supporting my child".


Alexia - Therapy Client

"It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Lyr Weltstman as child counsellor.

Lyr is a dedicated counselor who uses all the communication tools at her fingertips for the correct support. She not only takes care of the process of the child patient, but she is also a great ally with the parents. She becomes part of a family team for the good of the child in therapy. 

Within this year and a half, I have managed to see positive progress after the implementation of the techniques that Lyr has put in place. My daughter has had. 


This is the point that I want to highlight more in my recommendation of Lyr as a counsellor, her long-term vision of the process and the gradual implementation during the patient's transformation journey, is in my opinion, the success of her intervention.

Therapy has made my daughter beautiful inside and out. I am moved as her mother by this transformation".

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