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for children, teens & families, everywhere. 

Your trusted
online therapy practice


Your child deserves a safe space for their

mental health struggles. 

You as a parent want to have the insight and tools on how to help and understand your child and teen's mental health struggles.

Your child and teen want to have a safe space to express, gain a helping hand, and learn coping skills to feel better and confident. 

Therapy with Lyr is partnering with you as an understanding helping hand.

You will be empowered as the whole family! 

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lyr professional picture.jpg

Your helping hand...


Is your child’s anxiety is taking over their day and your family’s day?
Are you finding yourself not knowing how to help your teen’s depression when they are struggling to function? 
It feels like everything is a battle and your child is defiant
You are getting easily frustrated and overwhelmed as a parent
Your child or teen’s mental health is spiralling and

you are all feeling lost.


I'm Lyr Weltsman, and I personally understand the struggles of mental health in youth and families, through my own experience.

I know the importance of having an understanding, supportive, and practical therapeutic therapist and space as a child, teen, and parent.

Your child & teen's mental wellbeing is of utmost importance, and they need a helping hand through the ups and downs. 


This is exactly what I provide for your child & teen and why they will have the best care. 


What you and your family will gain...

Your child and teen is able to calm themselves down at times of immense anxiety and anger.  

You and your child and teen have the tools and understanding to manage their mental health symptoms and feelings

You are communicating with your teen effectively 

Your child is able to express themselves and have confidence 

Your teen is using healthy coping mechanisms

Your relationship and understanding of your child has gotten stronger

You are able to manage your reactions when parenting

There is more harmony and support in your home and routine

Teenager on Laptop

Therapy for Kids & Teens

We create a safe space for your child to get the help they need. 

Our counselling focuses on anxiety, trauma, challenging behaviours, mood disorders, eating disorders & more.

Quality Time

Consulting for Parents

Being a parent comes with challenges and when your child is struggling with their mental health you can feel powerless.


Our parental consulting is to support, probife feedback, and guide you through your parenting journey.   

Our Services 


The Process

Initial session or consult

Experience your safe space

Start your journey

Book your initial intro session or parent consult 

Have your initial session or consult, sign agreement form & book your next session

Start your therapy 


Why Choose Online Therapy?



Research shows that online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy.

Online therapy provides more comfort, convenience, and children and teens find it a less intimidating & approachable space - improving their engagement and outcome.


You have access to your therapist wherever you are; if you are away, moved locations, running late, can't drop off, etc. Online therapy makes getting your child's mental health care easy & accessible - with a click of a button!

As online therapy is just as engaging; it is effective for patients with ADHD & younger children. 

Building the Relationship
with your Therapist

Online Class

It's imperative that you & your child connect with your therapist.

I will show empathy, support, care and a non-judgmental nature for your child to feel understood and cared for. 

As parents; you are a crucial part of your child's process. We collaborate with parents, provide feedback, and are in continuous communication to also give you the tools.


Practical Techniques

Get Started

You and your child will be given practical techniques for regulation, coping skills, and CBT strategies to manage your mental health daily and any challenges that arise.

You & your child will be shown when and how to use these techniques in a fun and easy way, for an effective outcome in the real world. 


I'm here to help you with...

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Paranoia

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Mood Disorders (depression + bipolar)

  • Trauma

  • Body-focused repetitive behaviours / self-harm

  • Behavioural challenges

  • ADHD

  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

  • Emotional regulation

  • Life transitions (divorce, moving home/school. immigration

Client Reviews

"We could not have managed these months without you.

You are invaluable. Thank you for the support". 


Mother and teen patient struggling with an eating disorder

- UK 


*confidentiality & consent

"Lyr not only takes care of the process of the child, but she is also a great ally with the parents. She becomes part of a family team for the good of the child in therapy". 


Father of a child struggling with depression and ADHD

- Israel 

Chess Playing

*confidentiality & consent

"I saw natural joy in my child for the first time in a long while. The understanding and techniques made the difference. You are an integral part of our family. ".


Mother of a six year old with

behavioural challenges and anxiety

- South Africa

Beaded Necklace

*confidentiality & consent

"I am already feeling better.

Lyr has been fabulous as my  therapist and I feel her genuine care. I love Lyr and therapy is my safe space. An absolute blessing". 


Teenager with anxiety and OCD

- Germany


*confidentiality & consent

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